That Country Vibe – Pedals for that country tone! Part II

When you want that classic twangy sound or a slightly overdriven sound associated with playing country music on guitar, there are a few pedals that can help you achieve the sound associated with the country music genre. Here are some of the best types of guitar pedals for playing country music: 1. Overdrive or Distortion […]

That Country Vibe – How to achieve an award winning country tone! Part I

Country music is a genre that is defined by its amazing prowess of guitar playing. With iconic artists like Chet Atkins, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban setting the new standard for the style of country guitar playing, it is not just the old school ‘twang’ it used to be. If you’re looking to play country […]

MOOER Than Meets The Eye – The Definitive Guide to MOOER Pedals

MOOER AUDIO – THE DEFINITIVE GUITAR TO MOOER PEDALS In a world flooded with guitar pedals and cheap knock offs, it’s rare to find a pedal brand cloning top pedals and amp sims at an affordable price that are top notch quality like Mooer Audio. Mooer’s clone pedals are known as the “sleeper” brand in […]


MXR | A HISTORY OF INNOVATION Whether it’s a Phase 90, the staple work horse carbon copy, any Eddie Van Halen pedal or the go to distortion+, MXR is a huge name in the guitar pedal board world. Little do many people know that the original MXR was a short lived venture. Starting from humble […]


A little bit of history in each pedal. In 2004 Damage Control was founded in Westlake Village, CA with the philosophy of building products with no compromises. The purpose of Damage Control was to push and redefine technology in music. In 2009 Damage Control discontinued their own product line and began manufacturing pedals under the […]

Pedally Is Now an MXR Pedal Dealer

Pedally is proud to announce that we are now carrying MXR guitar pedals! MXR pedals were co-founded in 1972 by Keith Barr & Terry Sherwood. A staple on many pedalboards, MXR is famously known for their Eddie Van Halen (EVH) series of pedals such as the Phase 90 and Flanger 117. The first MXR effects […]

Pedally Introduces New Pigtronix Pedals To Lineup

Pedally is proud to announce that we will be carrying the new line of Space Pedals by Pigtronix. We would like to introduce you to the three new pedals hitting our store soon! Meet The Pigtronix Space Rip Space Rip is an analog synth pedal featuring pulse width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices […]

Pedally Becomes Official Strymon Pedal Dealer

Pedally is proud to announce their dealer partnership with Damage Control dba Strymon. Strymon, founded as Damage Control, in 2004 made a jump to worldwide acclaim in the pedal effects business with their amazing tube-driven pedals. In 2009 Damage Control started expanding the pedal line under the new brand of Strymon. Many of the Strymon […]