Strymon MultiSwitch Plus

Do you want instant access to 3 presets for the Compadre, Iridium, Riverside, or Sunset? Or to unlock the full potential of the NightSky, Volante or Timeline? Connect the MultiSwitch Plus with the included 1/4″ TRS cable to add a new dimension to your rig.


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The Strymon MultiSwitch Plus unlocks the full potential of your Strymon effects pedals.

The MultiSwitch Plus provides extended control for the Compadre, Iridium, NightSky, Riverside, Sunset, Volante, Timeline, Bigsky, Mobius, Deco, DIG, Flint, Brigadier, Lex and El Capistan.

The functionality opened by this footswitch depends on the Strymon pedal it is connected with.

Multiple Control Modes.

MultiSwitch Plus can be configured in several different ways to extend floor control of compatible Strymon pedals. Depending on the selected mode and the pedals connected, you can recall presets, change banks, operate TimeLine’s looper, remotely tap tempos, and more. See the compatibility chart below.

Control up to Three Pedals.

Featuring three outputs, MultiSwitch Plus allows you to connect up to three compatible Strymon pedals using additional TRS cables (one TRS cable is included, others are sold separately). Now you can engage presets on three compatible pedals simultaneously (Compadre, Iridium, Riverside, Sunset, and Volante). Or mix and match the footswitches to set up your own custom operation—such as controlling tap tempo on your Flint, Favorite on your El Capistan, and Boost on your Riverside.

This compatibility table will help you find the available features at a glance:


Mode Description Compatibility
Preset Mode Adds the ability to select and bypass onboard presets 1, 2, and 3. Compadre, Iridium, Riverside, Sunset, Volante
Custom Mode Provides remote access to Volante’s Speed switch, and enhances transport controls. Volante
TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius Mode Expanded preset selection control. Dedicated looper controls (TimeLine). BigSky v1.49, Mobius v1.39, TimeLine v1.87
Tap/ Fav/ Boost/ Speed Mode Each footswitch is paired with the closest output and its function can be independently assigned. Tap: BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, Timeline, Volante
Fav: Brigadier, Compadre, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Iridium, Lex, Riverside, Sunset
Boost: Riverside
Speed: Lex
Combo Mode Footswitches A and B will select between presets 1 and 2 for pedals connected to outputs 1 and 2. Footswitch C can be used for remote tap tempo, favorite, boost, or speed for the pedal connected to output 3. Presets: Compadre, Iridium, Riverside, Sunset, Volante
Tap: BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, Timeline, Volante
Fav: Brigadier, Compadre, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Iridium, Lex, Riverside, Sunset
Boost: Riverside
Speed: Lex

The MultiSwitch Plus is powered through the interconnect with the effects pedal. No external power supply is needed to operate the switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between MultiSwitch Plus and MultiSwitch? MultiSwitch Plus offers all of the functionality of MultiSwitch, but provides additional compatibility options, three outputs for connecting multiple Strymon pedals, and LEDs.
  2. Is a cable included? Yes, MultiSwitch Plus comes with one 1/4″ right angle TRS cable.
  3. Can’t I use a MIDI controller to access some of these functions? Certainly—if you’d like, you can access these features using MIDI. MultiSwitch Plus is geared towards those that don’t want or don’t need to use MIDI in their rigs. MultiSwitch Plus is connected via a standard TRS cable and does not require a separate power supply.
  4. Do I need to update the firmware on my TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius, Sunset, Riverside, or Volante to use MultiSwitch Plus? In some cases yes. Please visit for information on how to check your firmware version, and how to update your firmware. All TimeLine, Mobius, and BigSky pedals built as of February 1, 2019 will ship with firmware that is compatible with MultiSwitch Plus. If your TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky was built before this date then it will require a firmware update.
  5. How do the LEDs function in the different modes? Depending on how MultiSwitch is configured, the LEDs indicate the currently loaded preset or the status of the Boost or Speed setting for connected pedals. The LEDs do not function in Timeline, BigSky & Mobius mode because communication with TimeLine, BigSky and Mobius via the EXP jack is not bi-directional. Custom mode LED functionality varies depending on the connected pedal and how it is configured.

Detailed answers about how the MultiSwitch Plus will work with your specific pedals can be found in the MultiSwitch Plus User Manual.


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