Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit

Expand your Zuma or primary Ojai power supply and never run out of 9V power outputs.


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Expand your Strymon power system.

Do you have an existing Strymon effects pedal power supply? Gain five additional isolated pedal outputs with an Ojai Expansion Kit. Easily build a modular power system that can grow with your pedalboard.

How does it work?

Expansion Kits require an existing Strymon power product which connects to an AC power outlet as the primary power supply. This can be a Zuma, Ojai R30, or full Ojai. The Ojai Expansion connects to your primary Strymon power supply with the included 18 inch 24V power cable. (see the photo of the Ojai back side) Up to 5 expansion Ojai kits can be chained together with the 24V IN and 24V THRU ports.

The details

5 total outputs (9V).

The 24V connecting cable is included. (a wall plug is not needed for expansion kits or included)

Requires an existing Strymon power system.

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