Boost Pedals

Why use a Boost PedaL?

A guitarist will use a boost pedal to increase the volume and gain of their guitar signal. This can make solos and lead parts stand out in a mix.

The increased signal gain can also be used to overdrive an amplifier. If overdriving an amplifier is your primary purpose, be sure to check out our selection of overdrive pedals.

Some boost pedals offer tone shaping options. This allows the guitarist to add extra harmonic content to their signal.

Many guitar players will keep an always-on boost pedal on their pedalboard as a way develop their own signature tone.

A guitarist might use multiple boost pedals to achieve a specific tonal goal or to increase the volume and gain of their guitar signal to a greater degree.

By using multiple boost pedals in succession, a guitarist can create complex, multi-stage gain structures that can shape their tone in unique and interesting ways. Stacking boost pedals can also allow a guitarist to fine-tune the order in which their pedals affect the signal, allowing them to achieve the exact sound they are after.