Why use a compressor pedal?

A compressor pedal is a type of effects pedal used by guitarists to even out the dynamic range of their playing. The dynamic range refers to the difference between the loudest and quietest parts of a guitar performance.

Compressor pedals work by reducing the volume of the loudest parts of a guitar signal and increasing the volume of the quietest parts. This has the effect of making the overall sound more consistent and smooth, and helps to prevent the guitar from sounding “overly dynamic” or “suddenly loud”.

In addition to evening out the dynamic range, compressor pedals can also be used to increase sustain, add warmth and body to the tone, and enhance the overall presence and definition of the guitar in a mix.

Compression pedals are a useful tool for guitarists who want to control the dynamic range of their playing, add sustain and warmth to their tone, and improve their sound in a mix.