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What is a flanger pedal?

A flanger pedal is a type of effects pedal used by guitarists to create a unique, sweeping sound. The flanger effect is created by combining the original guitar signal with a slightly delayed, modulated version of the same signal. The modulation creates a sweeping or whooshing sound, and adjusting the delay time and modulation depth controls the speed and intensity of the effect.

The purpose of a flanger pedal is to add a unique and creative dimension to the guitar sound. The sweeping effect can add movement and interest to a guitar part, and can be especially useful for creating atmospheric, spacey sounds in genres such as psychedelic rock and progressive rock.

Some flanger pedals also offer the ability to control the feedback and regeneration of the effect, allowing for even more creative possibilities. By increasing the feedback, the flanger effect can become more intense and pronounced, and can even self-oscillate to create a resonant, metallic tone.

The flanger pedal is a versatile and useful tool for guitarists looking to add new and interesting sounds to their playing.


Popular songs that use a flanger

There are many popular songs that use a flanger effect in their production. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Wonderwall” by Oasis
  2. “Money” by Pink Floyd
  3. “Tom Sawyer” by Rush
  4. “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana
  5. “Barracuda” by Heart
  6. “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden
  7. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana
  8. “Fly Like an Eagle” by Steve Miller Band
  9. “Time” by Pink Floyd
  10. “Roundabout” by Yes

These songs demonstrate the versatility of the flanger effect and how it can be used to add depth, texture, and interest to a wide range of musical styles. Whether it’s adding movement to a guitar riff or creating a unique, atmospheric soundscape, the flanger is a powerful tool for guitarists and producers alike.