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MOOER Than Meets The Eye – The Definitive Guide to MOOER Pedals


In a world flooded with guitar pedals and cheap knock offs, it’s rare to find a pedal brand cloning top pedals and amp sims at an affordable price that are top notch quality like Mooer Audio. Mooer’s clone pedals are known as the “sleeper” brand in the industry. Like most dirty little secrets in the pedal world, most players rarely admit their love for Mooer; but, believe us…it’s there.

In this article, we are going to decipher all the Mooer micro-pedals to the cloned sound they are created from. Count this as your definitive list of Mooer pedals.

Let’s see why Mooer is more than meets the eye…yes, that was a cheesy Transformers reference:

Micro-Series Pedals

MAB2 Micro ABY MKII – Electro-Harmonix Switchblade / Fender Micro ABY
MBF1 Micro Buffer – Mooer Original Design
MAC1 Acoustikar -Boss AC-2
MAD1 Ana Echo – Boss DM-2
MBD1 Blues Crab – Marshal Blues Breaker
MBD2 Blues Mood – Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
MBT2 Pure Boost – XTC RC Boost V1 Pedal
MCH1 Ensemble King – Boss CE-2W
MCH2 Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus – Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone / Boss CEB-3
MCS2 Yellow Comp – Xotic SP Compressor / Diamond Compressor CPR-1
MDI1 Micro DI – Mooer Original Design
MDL3 Echolizer – Maxon AD999
MDS1 Black Secret – Proco RAT / Turbo Rat
MDS2 Hustle Drive – Fulltone OCD
MDS3 Cruncher – MI Audio Crunch Box
MDS5 Solo – Suhr Riot
MDS6 Ultra Drive MKII – Boss DS-1 w/Keeley Mod
MEQ1 Graphic G – Maxon GE601
MEQ2 Graphic B – Boss GEB-7
MFL2 E-Lady – Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
MFT1 Sweeper – Electro-Harmonix Bassballs
MFT4 Envelope – Maxon AF-9
MMD1 Blade – Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff
MNR1 Noise Killer – ISP Decimator
MOD1 Green Mile – Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
MPH1 Ninety Orange – MXR Phase 90
MCH3 Baby Water – Mooer Original Design
MDL1 Repeater – Line6 Echo Pro/DL4 Delay Modeler
MDL2 Reecho – Boss DD-2
MDV1 EchoVerb – Mooer Original Design
MFL3 Jet Engine – Mooer Original Design
MFT2 Funky Monkey – Boss AW-2
MFT3 Wah – Mooer Original Design
MHA1 Audiofile – Mooer Original Design
MLP1 Micro Looper – Ditto Looper Pedal
MMD2 Rage Machine – DigiTech Death Metal
MOC1 Pure Octave – Boss OC-3
MPH2 Liquid – Mooer Original Design
MPS1 Pitch Box – Boss PS-5
MME2 Mod Factory MKII – Mooer Original Design
MDM1 Micro Drummer – Mooer Original Design
MLP2 Groove Loop – Mooer Original Design
MOC3 Tender Octaver MKII – Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
MRT1 Soul Shiver – Mooer Original Design
MRV1 ShimVerb – Mooer Original Design (Based on Strymon)
MRV2 SkyVerb – Mooer Original Design (Based on Strymon)
MRV3 WoodVerb – Mooer Original Design
MRV4 ModVerb – Mooer Original Design
MSE1 Lofi Machine – Mooer Original Design
MSG1 Slow Engine – Boss SG-1
MSS1 Radar – Mooer Original Design
MTC1 TresCab – Mooer Original Design
MTR1 Trelicopter – Demeter Tremulator
MTR2 Varimolo – Mooer Original Design
MTR3 Triangolo – Electro-Harmonix “Triangle” Big Muff Pi
MTU1 Baby Tuner – Mooer Original Design
M70-1 Tone Capture – Mooer Original Design
M702 E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth – Source Audio C4 Synth / Boss SY-1
M703 D7 Delay – Mooer Original Design
M704 A7 Ambience – Mooer Original Design

Micro-Amp Sims

M001 Gas Station – Diesel Hagen
M002 UK Gold 900 – Marshal JCM 900
M003 Power-Zone – Koch PowerTone
M004 Day Tripper – Vox AC30
M005 Brown Sound 3 – EVH 5150 MK III
M006 US Classic Deluxe – Fender Blues Deluxe
M007 Regal Tone – Tone King Falcon
M008 CAli-MK3 – Mesa Boogie MKIII
M009 Blacknight – Engl Blackmore
M010 Two Stones – Two Rock Coral
M011 Cali-Dual – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
M012 US GOLD 100 – Friedman Brown Eye BE-100
M013 MatchBox – Matchless C30
M014 Taxidea Taxus – Suhr Badger
M015 Brown Sound – Peavey 5150 MK I
M016 Phoenix – Engl Fireball 100
M017 Cali-MKIV – Mesa Boogie MK IV
M018 Custom 100 – Custom Audio Electronics OD-100
M019 UK Gold PLX – 1959 Marshall Super Lead Plexi 100
M020 Blueno – Bruno Underground 30

We hope this list helps you decipher what Mooer Audio pedals are needing to find their way onto your pedal board.