Pedally Introduces New Pigtronix Pedals To Lineup

Pedally is proud to announce that we will be carrying the new line of Space Pedals by Pigtronix.

We would like to introduce you to the three new pedals hitting our store soon!

Meet The Pigtronix Space Rip

Space Rip is an analog synth pedal featuring pulse width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices in multiple octaves. A state-of-the-art tracking engine allows Space Rip to keep up with your fastest single note lines, replicating both pitch and dynamics. The resulting sound is like tearing the fabric of spacetime in half. Pulse width of the square and sawtooth waveforms are produced by the onboard VCO. This VCO is kept in a state of flux, generating constant harmonic motion controlled by the Rate knob. The Sub knob adds an additional voice one octave down/lower from the input signal, while the Octave switch drops the entire synth down an additional octave, producing a devastating amount of pure analog synth bass.

Meet The Pigtronix Moon Pool

Moon Pool is an analog phase shifter and tremolo with independent speed controls featuring the ability to change the rate of one or both of the effects in either direction, corresponding to how hard you play. The 4-stage, VCA-based phaser and variable bias tremolo found in the Moon Pool can each be run as standalone effects or they can be combined in series for a mesmerizing mashup of modulators. A global Depth knob determines overall wetness, while a Sensitivity knob allows you to dial in the responsiveness of these changes to accommodate different playing styles and colors.

Meet The Pigtronix Constellator

Constellator is an all-analog delay pedal capable of producing up to 600ms of lush echo with adjustable modulation and a comprehensive sound palette. From percussive slapback and doubler sounds to chorused-out, long delays with endless repeats, the Constellator’s MN3005 bucket brigade chips provide superior overall headroom and tape-like saturation when pushed to the limit. The Feel toggle switch adjusts several parameters simultaneously for an additional coloring of LFO modulation. With the Feedback control maxed out, the Constellator is capable of self-oscillation which can be pitched up or down by turning the Time knob.


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