Get to know our friend Shaun at OSSC:

Oat Soda Sound Company is a family owned and operated business located in Phoenix, AZ. Our goal is to create amazing sounding pickups using the best materials sourced right here in the USA (most even right here in Arizona) while keeping them affordable for our customers. For components that we can’t source here in the States, we have painstakingly designed ways to manufacture in-house (like our Praise The Sun-90, Open Range Tele, and Jam Master JM-1 Jazzmaster bobbins). We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and durability.

After years of working as an Airline Quality Control Inspector performing NDT inspections on aircraft and aircraft components, I have taken the same meticulous approach to building and testing our pickups to give you reliable, consistent results that you can rely on. Every pickup built here at OSSC is measured for capacitance, DC resistance, inductance, and gauss at ambient temperature and provided to you right on the box. Our designs are based on a formula using these measurements and different construction materials to provide each pickup it’s own unique voice that can be replicated. Each pickup set we build will have a personalized serial number whether its a production run or one-off custom design. With our lifetime warranty and 14 day worry free return period you can feel free to try out what works for you and know that we have your back.

How we do it here at OSSC:

  • Each bobbin is made of quality US FORBON material, some are cut at other shops here in the States, and some laser cut right here in the workshop.

  • All magnets are hand beveled

  • Once the magnets are installed in the bobbin, the entire assembly gets pot lacquered and hung to dry for 48 hours. this does 2 things: Insulates the pickup wire from the magnet, and creates a strong bond between the magnet and bobbin fibers for strength and rigidity that will last a lifetime

  • We then hand set and tin the brass eyelets and prepare the bobbin for winding

  • The bobbin is wound to a specific amount of turns and hand soldered to the lead wires. All final assembly work is completed

  • We then measure each pickup for Capacitance, Resistance, Inductance, and Gauss and aim for a specific value +/- 10% corrected for ambient temperature for the specific pickup within the set which then gets documented on the box sticker

  • The pickup the goes to wax potting 80% paraffin 20% bees wax at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimal amount of time just enough to tame micro-phonics and handling noise

  • Once dried and cleaned, each set is labeled and temporarily installed on our shop’s test guitar. We play each pickup to check for function and turn up the amp to check micro-phonic feedback

  • Once the pickups pass QC we serialize each set, they are then sent off to you to live happily ever after in your favorite guitar