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A little bit of history in each pedal.

In 2004 Damage Control was founded in Westlake Village, CA with the philosophy of building products with no compromises. The purpose of Damage Control was to push and redefine technology in music.

In 2009 Damage Control discontinued their own product line and began manufacturing pedals under the Strymon name, continuing with their original philosophy and adding in the newer focus of introducing exceptional components and incredibly powerful processors to their guitar effects pedals.

The original Damage Control pedals such as the Liquid Blues and TimeLine featured integrated dual 12AX7 class A tubes in the pedal design.

The shift to Strymon saw the introduction of newer DSP technology pedals such as the ever popular El Capistan DSP driven tape echo pedal, the Flint dual pedal that emulates vintage tremolo and reverb circuits and the TimeLine, a DSP driven delay pedal with 12 delay types, numerous parameters and preset storage along with MIDI in and out.

Greatness leads to growth.

As Strymon expanded their offering and saw the need for more products that would showcase and support their ever growing lineup of pedals; Strymon introduced a line of isolated power supplies dedicated to making their pedals sound amazing without hum and distortion other power supplies allowed into the signal chain.

As the movement of MIDI control of pedals for guitars and keyboards became popular Strymon introduced their MIDI Hub called that Conduit. Conduit quickly became the MINI interface of choice for Strymon pedals.

Keeping with what makes Strymon so powerful, where many pedal companies add more bells and whistles to their pedals, Strymon’s massive reputation for premium performance is only matched by the lush atmospheric sounds and tones Strymon pedals are known for. From ethereal delays and reverbs to the amazing tape echo duplication of the El Capistan, Strymon is the pedal of choice for many musicians.

Our customers have described Strymon pedals as “sublime” “ethereal” “lush” “beautiful” “other-worldly” “imaginative” “boundless” and “expressive.”

We have sold Strymon pedals to guitarists (and keyboardists) playing all genres of music all with the purpose of finding a pure and amazing tone. From blues guitarists to worship guitarists, from metalheads to synth wave producers, Strymon has a pedal and a place in your mix!

In a class of their own.

Some of the artists that use Strymon pedals includes Tim Mahoney of 311, John Oates, Death Cab For Cutie, Rabea Massaad, Kryz Reid of Third Eye Blind, Of Monsters and Men, Pete Thorn and many more!

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