Joyo British Sound Pedal

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Get tones inspired by Marshall amps–everything from Bluesbreaker to Plexi Roar!



JOYO British Sound guitar effect pedal get tones inspired by the marshal amplifier and whether it’s the Bluesbreaker overdrive to Plexi roar, it easily reach for them, one of JOYO most popular pedals with good reason. You can use it instead of an amp and it can save your gig if your amp fails, just put it at the end of all your other pedals and set it clean like your amp then just take the output from the British sound straight to the desk.

With it’s full 3 band EQ and voice knob you can easily dial in any tone you can think of. Adjust for shaping EQ and overdrive response: “Low”, “Mid”, “High”, “Level”, “Voice” and “Drive” 6 control knobs, it can simulate many kinds of Amps. You can go from early 60’s Mashall tone right up to the higher gain of the JCM800 & 900 series and everything in between.

With the gain knob and voice knob hovering around the 9 ‘o’ clock point you can happily conjure Claptonesque tones from your guitar, winding them both up to about 12 ‘o’ clock will get you a Wood’S sound reminiscent of a certain Mr Hendrix. As you go on from there you’ll get more and more drive as you turn up the gain knob and voice knob to taste. Led’Z, Gary’M, Pete’T, Zakk’W, Yngwie’M and many more artists chose to use Mashall and you can replicate their tones, thanks to the British sound.


Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 1KΩ
Running Current: 6mA
Power: 6F22 9V Battery/ DC 9V adapter (None included)
Dimension:120(L)X 97(W)X 55(H) mm
Weight: 390g

User manual included.