Joyo Tauren High Gain Overdrive Pedal

The Joyo Tauren high-gain overdrive pedal delivers the nuances of a great Klon klone with a wide range of high-gain tonal possibilities.


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With a wide range of High-Gain, the Joyo Tauren’s tonal possibilities range from a clean boost to distortion. Both Low Gain and High Gain are delivered vividly. If you want to experience one of the most affordable Klon klones on the market, this is the pedal to buy!

The pedal produces a warm transparent overdrive that adds dynamic gain to the signal without altering the tone of the guitar. Volume, Gain and Tone controls are all you need here, you will rely on it, it’s the sound of an dynamic overdrive tube amp in a box.

The Tauren has an ambience LED light on the front and rear sides of the unit. The light can be set in one of two ways: You can either set the lights to be on all the time or it can come on when the pedal is engaged. The setting is via a sunken switch on the underside of it, so you can have it set up how you prefer. There is also an Off mode so you don’t need to have the light on at all.

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