Joyo XVI Polyphonic Octave Effect Pedal

The Joyo XVI is a practical and user-friendly Octave pedal with independent Octave-up and Octave-down adjusting knobs, so you can adjust any octave tone.


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Everyone loves a good octave, until now we have had our XVI monophonic pedal which allowed 2 octaves down, both add some meat to any solo, or to make a big riff sound even bigger. However, while often sounding awesome in the right context, the monophonic analog octave effects are only good for single monophonic notes.

Sometimes something more than the monophonic octave is needed, this is where the JOYO XVI polyphonic pedal comes into full force, the pitch and modulated effects will allow anything from dry pitch shifting, sub down or up high and introducing the Modulation control to create some impressive polyphonic organ sounds.

MOD Control

The pedals Mod control is the thing you twiddle to get the big room filling organ tones, mixing the octave up and down to create some really fat sounding choir effect. Add a little tremolo, delay or reverb and you have a cool fake organ that will sound like a sweeping synth. Playing around with this pedal will take your guitar from its clean tone to another dimension, people will wonder where the synth is hidden.

Octave Control

The pedal features controls for mixing Sub Octave Control, Up Octave Control to adjust pitch. Dry control increases the input dry volume. Modulation Control to unleash the organ tones.

Ambience Light Control

Ambience LED light on the front and rear sides of the unit, can be set in one of two ways: You can either set the lights to be on all the time or it can come on when the pedal is engaged. The setting is via a sunken switch on the underside of it, so you can have it set up how you prefer.

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