LPD Eighty7 Deluxe Dual Overdrive Pedal

The Eighty7 Deluxe offers two complete independent Eighty7s incorporated into the same pedal! Get your awesome 80’s tone then boost it with the 2nd overdrive!


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The new Eighty7 Deluxe offers two complete independent Eighty7s. Each has both Green and Red channels, Level, Gain, Bass, Mids and Treble controls, with the Presence control being global. In addition, the Eighty7 Deluxe features internal bright switches per channel, soft touch true bypass switching, top mounted jacks, and 9 volt operation.

Green mode is percussive and dynamic with plenty of body to punch through even the most demanding mixes. Red mode is more saturated and compressed for liquid leads and full chugging palm muted rhythms.

A full Bass, Mid, and Treble tone stack allows complete control over the frequency shaping of your tone. Presence control to add or cut sparkle to help cut through the mix or blend better with your chosen amp.

Whatever style of 80’s guitar tone you prefer, the Eighty7 can deliver – but this truly versatile overdrive can cover so much ground, including astonishing clean and edge of breakup preamp tones.

24 volt internal operation from a standard Boss type 9 volt dc center negative power supply. True Bypass switching. All in a rugged 1lb, 4.75”L x 3 75”W x 2”H package.

LPD Eighty7 Deluxe Demo Video

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