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NUX Duotime Dual Delay Engine Pedal

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Duotime Dual Delay Engine.



Duotime is a real stereo delay pedal with independent time / sub-division & repeat knobs. In the 80’s, all of the professional musicians used rack-mount effects to run stereo delay. It was the golden era of legendary engineering like Lexicon Delta, TC 2290, Eventide H3000, and more. When we talked to “working musicians” we found that they were looking for a great stereo delay with a compact size and ultra-simple controls. So we discussed the absolutely essential requirements and developed the duotime Dual Delay Engine. It’s ultra-musical, and easy to operate. So, let’s dive-in and experience the most versatile delay pedal ever:

Duotime offers analog delay, tape echo, digital delay, modulation delay, and verb delay.

Analog Delay (40ms~402ms) is based on the bucket-brigade device (BBD), discrete-time analog delay. The PARAMETER tweaks your modulation depth. When LEVEL and REPEAT are at maximum, turn down the TIME KNOB to zero, and experience the natural infinite feedback of the old school BBD delay.

Tape Echo (55ms~552ms) is based on RE-201 Tape Echo algorithm with NUX Core Image Technology. Use the PARAMETER to tweak the Saturation, and feel the distorted sound decay. Just like the real tape echo machine, when you adjust LEVEL and REPEAT to maximum, try adjusting the time knob down to zero, and you have infinite feedback and pitch shift flange.

Digi Delay (80ms~1000ms) is based on the modern digital delay algorithm with magic compression and filter. After reviewing decades of delay algorithm evolution, we noticed musicians were not satisfied with the mathematical digital delay sound. So we added a bit of non-digital flavor—inspired by Strymon® and Neunaber® making the sound much more musical.

PARAMETER controls the hardness of the repeat signals, so you can feel the unique compressed filter.

MOD Delay (20ms~1499ms) is based on the Ibanez DML algorithm; a weird and wonderful modulation delay. It was released in the 80’s with experimental nature. We selected the most wonderful aspects highlighting the musical time sync modulation rate offering a simple, seamless romantic tone.

VERB Delay (80ms~1000ms) is the way to make your delay sound 3 dimensional. Similar to our Atlantic Delay & Reverb, we added Shimmer into the Plate reverb algorithm. It became the iconic sound of our NUX reverb. Inspired by Kit Tang, the famous Hong Kong studio guitarist, Jamtrackcentral® artist, a master of different reverb parallels with different frequency bands to add to his effect yielding an authentic 3 dimensional sound. So we combined parallel digital delay, plate reverb, and various filter shimmers to offer you an unmatched sacred atmosphere to explore.

PARAMETER controls the Plate reverb and shimmer mix.