Westminster Effects Geneva Amp Sim V2

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Whoever is not satisfied with their amp alone, may look to run direct. The Geneva Amp Sim V2 emulates the oft-sought after tones of the Vox AC30. It is usable as an overdrive, but it shines with its switchable cabinet simulator and XLR out, which makes it perfect as an analog option for running direct and an inexpensive option for running stereo. V2 also features a 1/4″ output dry through, so you can bypass the Geneva at home, or run the Geneva’s XLR to the PA while you run the 1/4″ output to an amp.

Note: The Geneva Amp Sim is not a power amp, and it is not meant to handle a speaker output from your amp.

How Does It Work?

Volume – Controls the output volume.

Gain – Controls the amount of gain in the circuit, just like an AC style amp.

Top Boost – Instead of a different channel, dial in a blend between normal and the revered Top Boost channel.

Treble – A straightforward treble control. To the right boosts treble; to the left cuts treble.

Bass – A straightforward bass control. To the right boosts bass; to the left cuts bass.

Cab Sim – If using as a DI, flip the switch to the left to engage the speaker simulation.

Dry Thru – Bypasses the Geneva’s circuit on the 1/4″ output.

The switch on the side?  This is a ground lift switch. If you have a hum from a ground loop, flip the switch up.

Westminster Effects Geneva Amp Sim Demo Video

Power requirements: 9V DC center negative, 12mA
Measurements: 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 1.4″