Whether you’re seeking to dive headfirst into the leading edge of virtual cabinet emulation or you’re simply looking to get the very best out of your tube amp, there is one brand that can’t be overlooked – Two notes Audio Engineering. A leading purveyor of analog & digital load boxes, attenuators, tone-centric software solutions, pedal-format preamps and digital cabinet emulations, their mantra is underpinned with a singular vision: to create solutions that inspire their customer’s creativity to make amazing music with flawless, controllable, tone.

Within their roster, there is something for every player. First, Captor: the industry standard reactive load box, attenuator and Amp DI, engineered for the studio and live player to effortlessly capture their tube amp whilst running it at its absolute sweet spot. Next the iconic Captor X: a next generation DSP-loaded reactive load box that gives you everything you need for flawless tone, whatever the situation demands.

Finally, for pedalboard fanatics, there’s the C.A.B. M+, an IR / DynIR loader alongside a fully-fledged clean amp sim, that guarantees to elevate any board to legendary status.

All Two notes’ hardware is built around their acclaimed DynIR technology. Whether it’s hardware featuring Torpedo embedded DSP or the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in, DynIR is the most advanced yet easy-touse cab sim technology available.



Play your amp at its sweet spot and control your volume with the attenuator. The digital load box also allows you to enjoy your 100 watt rig in silence via headphones. Just plug and play.

Fed up with lifting heavy cabinets, inconsistent sound and stage volume issues? Go direct to the PA or audio interface with DynIR, the acclaimed cab sim technology from Two Notes.


Pair Torpedo Captor X with your phone, tablet or computer. Change the cabinet, mics, room, EQ, reverb or edit any parameter using Torpedo Remote.

No other compact reactive load box offers such universal control of the mic chain and with dual mics per cabinet, you may never use a real mic again.

Stereo Dual Mono, Wet / Dry

In addition to the acclaimed stereo experience via the XLR outputs, the dual mono output mode allows for dedicated EQ and reverb levels. Ideal for independent Front of House and monitor mixes.

Need to change the tone after recording your perfect take? Enable Wet / Dry to send both the DynIR and dry signal to your interface. Process the dry signal with the Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin within your DAW.