About Westminster Effects

Westminster Effects is a boutique guitar pedal company founded by Cody Fields in 2015. Fields is a guitar player and worship leader who started building pedals as a hobby before turning it into a full-time business.

The company is based in Lyman, South Carolina, and specializes in producing high-quality, hand-built guitar pedals that are designed to inspire creativity and enhance the playing experience.

Westminster Effects gained a following among guitarists and musicians in the worship community, who appreciated the company’s focus on building pedals that were both musical and functional. Each pedal celebrates the richness of church history while equipping the saints for use in their churches, cover bands, and even metal bands.

Over the years, Westminster Effects has released a number of popular pedals, including the Geneva Amp Sim, the Osteen Distortion, and the 1689 Overdrive. The company has also collaborated with other pedal builders and musicians to create signature models, such as the Edwards Overdrive (with Blake Edwards of the band Tonic) and the 2716 Distortion pedal (with Seth Morrison of the band Skillet).

Westminster Effects has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, hand-built pedals that are both versatile and easy to use. The company’s pedals are popular among guitarists of all genres and are known for their warm, organic sound and responsive feel.